Friday , October 16 2020
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Parts Of Ghana Have Been Flooded Once Again.

  Parts of Ghana have been flooded once again. Ghana has some part which get flooded almost every raining season. This season too some places havd been flooded. The floods were caused by heavy rainfalls in Accra and parts of the Central Region. The rains initially fell on Friday evening, …

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TOP 10 Richest African countries 2020

Spanning 54 countries, Africa is a powerhouse in the world of natural resources and innovation. And despite the social and political issues the continent faces, there’s no doubt that it’s on track to see an abundance of opportunities to grow in the coming years. Here is a quick look at …

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Woman Chasing Husband For More Sex. sighted a video on social media today. Some unidentified woman was chasing her husband for more sex. The man was claiming he is tired and not going to continue. This video is really funny. The man was seriously begging the woman to allow him rest. But the lady was …

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