presents to you, the maiden edition. African Dress of the year” (SEASON 1)
This competition is the first of its kind organise by the Admins @ with the motive to encourage the youths to embrace our culture and tradition which we Africans are known for. However, It doesn’t matter where you are in this continent as far as you are an African, the door is opened for you to take part in this contest.

About The Contest

It doesn’t matter whether you are beautiful or handsome as we are not after your look, we are majorly after your African dress and your votes.

The event is open to both males nd females and there are different winners for each gender,each winner will receive N100,000 as promised. There will be different voting pages for each gender (i.e different page for male & female contest ).

There shall be no stage performance as contestants will only be required to submit two pictures they want to use (the picture must be a full one and must be on African dress) at a due time .

The reward goes as stated below 👇

Champion – #100,000 (300$)
Runner Up – #30,000 (80$)
Note: The winner will be choosed by this following criterias:
• E-vote (70% merit)
• Admins Judge(20% merit)
• Fitness & beauty(5% merit) following with dress styles & culture implementations which is the last….(5% merit)

There shall be no cheating either from the participants or any of the admins as we have ensured that nobody can’t cast his/her vote twice for any of the contestant.
The registration period has been tentatively slated for two months while the voting will kick off immediately after the registration and last for a month .

The Process.

Interested candidate is expected to fill the below form and pay the total amount of N1000(3$) to obtain form. An activation link will be sent t to your mail and other necessary information regarding the contest. Two pictures of the contestant as well are expected to be submitted. Please note that the pictures must be a digital full photographs in order to avoid flaw assessment by admins, and also the pictures must be on African dress in a very decent manner portraying the African culture and tradition.

👉click here to see samples of dressings we are expecting from you

• Other necessary information will be sent to your mail or chat on WhatsApp with the telephone numbers below


👉Pay with naira debit card

👉Bank deposit, Mobile or ATM transfer

👉PayPal or BTC

After payment, Send a mail to containing your payment details .